The Bell Christmas Radio Play

The Bell Christmas Radio Play Written, Illustrated and Performed by by Robert A. Brubaker

CD ART: The Bell Ringer Christmas Radio Play

Inspired by the award winning children’s picture book, THE BELL RINGER:

Mischievous young thief, Tye Tucket steals a Bell Ringer’s charity bucket along with a little girl’s hopes of helping the poor. But out of the cold, a “ninja-like” elf whirls to the rescue, hurling the bandit through time aboard a train called the Holly Express, where Tye must face his dark past and an uncertain future. Along the way, Tye stumbles upon the SECRET behind Santa?s NICE LIST and ability to deliver presents in time for Christmas. In the end, Tye will discover the original meaning of Christmas and a little girl will receive a miracle she could never imagine.

With a strong narrative performance, humorous and scary action sequences, Hollywood level sound effects and original music score, this heartfelt story will sweep your family into a magical, inspiring world where the best Christmas gifts are delivered from the heart.

Written, illustrated and performed by composer, International Book Award and USA Best Book Award Winning Finalist, Robert A. Brubaker.

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